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Laser Hair Reduction + Ingrown Hair

How Does Laser Hair Reduction Help Getting Rid of Ingrown Hair?

How does laser hair reduction help getting rid of ingrown hair, and what is actually the reason we experience them? In this post, we will tell you what causes, and how you can prevent ingrown hair until you start your laser hair removal treatments and it won’t be a problem anymore.

Ingrown hair is pretty common and simple to explain. Shaving can make the edges of hair pretty sharp, and if they are curved back or being pushed back — by tight clothing for example — they can easily pierce through and re-enter the skin. It occurs more often if the hair is curly, too strong, if the skin around the area is dry, or not exfoliated enough. In the latter case, dead skin cells can clog the pores and hair follicles, forcing them to grow sideways under your skin. Are razor bumps also ingrown hairs? Yes, it is a type of ingrown hair that causes little bumps and swelling. It’s especially common when removing hair on the beard area.

For women, ingrown hair is most common around the bikini area, while for men, the constant shaving makes it appear on the chin, cheek, and neck area the most often.

Ingrown hair can be pretty annoying, but usually, there is usually nothing to worry about. But as our body treats the grown back hair as a foreign object, and starts fighting against it, the skin tissue around it can get inflamed which sometimes comes with a slight pain, itchiness, swelling and redness. Most of the time it goes away by itself if you are not picking on it, but you can prevent ingrown hairs by following a few tips, like using a shaving product, shaving in the direction of hair growth, with a sharp razor rinsed between each stroke, etc. If the skin is exfoliated, dead skin cells are also less likely to stand in the way of hairs growing upwards.

The highly-concentrated intense pulsed light used during laser hair reduction treatments targets the follicles of the hair, which will make the unwanted hair fall out and prevent it from growing back. After each laser hair reduction session, the number of follicles keep reducing, so less and less single hairs will have the chance to be pushed back into the skin.

At LEC, our goal is to make everyone comfortable and confident with effective laser hair reduction

results; and that includes helping get rid of the ​​unpleasant experience of ingrown hairs.

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