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Get Your Skin Ready For Fall/Winter Season

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

As you switch your iced latte to pumpkin spice goods, it might also be time to be preparing your skin for the colder seasons. The same way, you are making switches in your wardrobe, you should also switch up some things in your skin care routine, to adapt to the drier weather. Don’t worry, the smallest changes can make a difference, and it can even help having a more comfortable laser hair removal experience. The goal is to keep the skin hydrated!

While we do use the word “dry” to describe the weather, it might not be the right word to describe your skin. Dry skin and dehydrated skin are not the same. Dry skin is the skin type you are born with; in this case your skin lacks oil. But dehydrated skin is a condition that anyone can experience regardless of skin type — yes, even if you have oily skin. It occurs when the skin lacks water, moisture. That is why drinking plenty of water is said to be a great beauty tip! But even with enough water in your diet, and using your favorite gel moisturizer, you can still have dehydrated skin when cold, windy days and indoor heating season starts.

It is important to adapt to the conditions to keep your skin as radiant and healthy as during summer; and it’s also important when it comes to laser hair removal treatments. As the procedure creates a high level of heat, it is important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, with a strong barrier to have less chance for irritation.

Our first tip to keep your skin hydrated all over your body, is what we also recommend you to do after each laser hair removal session: avoid hot water during showers and baths so it won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils. Choosing the right cleansing products is also important to avoid the stripping and irritating sensation. We recommend products with moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acids, and nourishing ingredients like ceramides and cocoa butter that will prevent further moisture loss. When it comes to facial skin care, layering can also help a lot especially with toners and essences that are formulated to target skin concerns — dehydration for example — from deep within the skin.

We know that heavy moisturizers and greasy body lotions sound scary, but during these months, it could be beneficial to pick up these richer, creamier products to deliver extra hydration and strengthen the skin barrier. And don’t forget about sun protection! We might not get as much direct sunlight as during the summer, but the UV rays are still strong — and they even reflect back from the snow during winter. So no matter the season, sun protection is a must if you want to keep your skin healthy and safe. You can also add an extra layer of hydration with this step if you choose products that are rich in hydrating ingredients like Centella asiatica or aloe vera for example.

The licensed estheticians at LEC are also trained in skincare, so feel free to ask your question the next time you come in for a treatment. And remember, in a previous post we mentioned that this season is actually great to start your laser hair removal session. So if you are ready to effectively and permanently reduce unwanted hair, feel free to contact us!

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