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Before Laser Treatment

What do I have to avoid before laser hair removal?

Avoid tanning or major sun exposure at least two days before the treatment. Tanning increases the melanin in the skin, and the laser used for hair removal targets these pigments. The treatment will be more effective if your melanin levels are natural. And since we will be targeting those pigments, the same goes for bleaching your hair. If you previously bleached the unwanted hair on your skin, stop doing so a couple of weeks prior your first treatment and between the session.

As also mentioned above, you should be avoiding waxing and plucking before your sessions. As these methods usually remove hair from the roots, they change up the hair’s natural growth cycle and the hair reduction could be less effective. When you are shaving the area before the treatment, you should avoid fragranced shaving products, as the perfume could cause irritation.

On the actual day of your treatment, you should avoid using cosmetics like creams or lotion in general. Same goes for coffee. We know, it’s not easy…but as caffeine can increase sensitivity, you might want to leave that cup of coffee as an after-session treat.

In a nutshell, this is what you can expect before and between laser hair removal treatments, but as we are all different and our skin also behaves differently, make sure to follow the personalized instructions that our licensed estheticians will give you during consultation. And now that you are all prepared there is nothing else to do, just relax, we will make sure you have a comfortable experience at LEC.

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