Laser Skin Tightening

  Do Laser Skin Tightening Treatments Actually Work?

If you have sagging skin or wrinkles, you may have tried many of the creams and lotions on the market that claim to help to tighten and tone skin. Unfortunately, many of these products do little to actually tighten or firm your skin. As such, when you hear about professional skin tightening treatments, such as laser skin tightening, you may find yourself skeptical or wondering if it really works.


Laser skin tightening is one of the most effective non-invasive skin tightening treatments on the market. However, you have to go into the treatment with realistic expectations. After the laser therapy is completed, you may not see immediate results. Your skin has to fully heal until you may see the results. And, even after your skin has healed, it may take multiple treatments to fully tighten up the region that you are trying to tighten, depending on the severity of the sagging skin. It is also important to note that laser skin tightening treatments are designed to tighten up minimal sagging skin, such as sagging skin under the eyes, cheekbones or jawline due to aging. These types of treatment are not designed to reduce the sagging skin that can be left behind by someone who lost over 100 pounds or someone who is looking to gain the same results as a tummy tuck following a c-section birth.


If you have skin that you are thinking about utilizing professional skin tightening treatments to, laser skin tightening may be an option for your skin. Here at NanaBella Spa, we offer consultations where we can examine you and determine if you are a candidate for skin tightening treatments, including laser skin tightening. Call us today to book your consultation and to view before and after photos of past clients to see what results the treatment can deliver.

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