Laser Hair Removal

  The Benefits of Full Body Laser Hair Removal

For many women, they have hair in places that they are not expected to have hair or in places that they do not want to have hair. There are several options to help remove this hair, including shaving, using hair removal creams, plucking or waxing. But, as most women know, there are downsides to the various options that are available. Shaving can get pricey and is not great on sensitive parts of the body. Hair removal creams may not be powerful enough or they can be too powerful, leaving a rash or chemical reaction behind. Plucking is great for stray hair here or there, but not for large areas, and waxing can be unpleasant for some people. Fortunately, there is one other option to remove hair from your body; laser hair removal or full body laser hair removal.


Laser hair removal and full body laser hair removal can target specific parts of the body or can target your entire body. While the results do not last forever, they may last several years or even decades, depending on your body and its hair growth cycle. Imagine not having to deal with razors or waxing for several years. And while treatments may seem pricey up front, when you think of the amount of money you spend waxing or on razors or creams, the cost is actually very reasonable, and may be in line with other hair removal methods.


Are you tired of constantly working to remove body hair from your body? Here at NanaBella Spa we offer both full body laser hair removal and targeted body part hair removal to remove hair from parts of the body that you need hair removed from. Contact us today to have us explain the procedure or to schedule an appointment to start the hair removal process.

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