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 fabulously hairless

in the right areas, of course.

These hairs ain’t darling, so...

Forget waxing, razors, and tweezers.

We’re making laser available to everyone.

Since the debut of hair removal, lasers have always been safe for light skin only. And it still is. This leaves the rest of us stuck with the ol’ bathroom razor. The result? Stubby hairs, ingrowns, and strawberry skin that’d make a nosy toddler point at you and ask their mama, “What’s wrong with that woman's legs?”. Mortifying? Totally. Avoidable? No, until now...

While every other clinic seems to be pursuing the latest, trendiest lasers — we’re keeping inclusivity, accessibility, efficacy, and safety at heart. Our lasers are thoughtfully vetted to produce astonishing results that stand the test of time, no matter the skin. As a result, we get to price our services much lower* so you won’t have to sleep on getting a laser sesh.

*The mean cost of a laser procedure in New York is $389. Ours ranges from $20-$300 max.

We are God's masterpiece

Ephesians 2:20


“How strong is your laser?”
Well, she’s a trailb-laser for one.

Okay, that pun sounded way better in our heads. What we’re trying to say is, at the start of this summer, we finally got our hands on the GentleMax Pro PlusTM which is like the Naomi Campbell of lasers (if lasers could catwalk and wear couture without getting puzzled looks).

She’s a mighty fine specimen of a laser that emits ultra-powerful beams of light that wipe unwanted hair clean off your skin and eliminates hair follicles in deeper layers so you stay gorgeously hairless for weeks. She’s also packed with an unbeatable firing rate to make your treatment quick and absolutely painless. You heard right... painless.

Oh, and the best part is, she doesn’t discriminate. With an adjustable wavelength ranging from 755-1064 nm, she always gets the job done regardless of your skin type, color, age or hair texture. All told, she’s all in for inclusivity. That’s why we love her, and so do our clients.

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